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Lake Stevens was the director of the department of defense affiliated with the unified supernatural combatant command, an governmental military project dedicace to fight and neutralize all demons and supernatural creatures who invades the Earth when all interdimensionnal portals are opened by The Sculptor. For it, she was assisted by Theo Daniels, D'Hoffryn and his mystical council or Kennedy and Deepscan. When the organisation wanting recrut the powerful witch Willow Rosenberg, this last last was hesitant, because remembering the dramatic situation with The Initiative. However, Willow negotiate with Lake. it was not only an governmental affair. The two women fall in love. Although Buffy Summers and The Scooby-Gang don't consider Willow's new girlfriend.


  • Somewhat similar to Lilah Morgan and Eve, Lake Stevens is a young version of Maggie Walsh. However, it seems that she had good morality.


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