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Angel Comic Issue
Letters Home: A Jamesian Interlude
Publication date May 26, 2010
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 33
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Bill Willingham
Penciller(s) Brian Denham
publication order
Roman a Clef
Bedroom Follies

"Letters Home: A Jamesian Interlude" was the thiry-third issue of the Angel comic book series.


Being Team Angel's newest member, ex-watcher Laura Weathermill interviews her coworkers, saving James for last. Being an expert in the supernatural, Laura exposes James as a demon posing as a potentate. Upon the revelation, James violently attacks Laura, rendering her unconscious after throwing her out an office window into the Hyperion lobby. Angel, who was tranquilly reading a newspaper at this time, is forced into fighting James. In the end, James cuts off all of Angel's limbs and leaves the Hyperion embracing his role as an enemy of the team. While Angel recooperates, it comes into question as to why vampires now have the ability to regenerate limbs. Illyria reveals that in ancient times, vampires were once able to do this. Polyphemus ponders that a change is occurring in the world that is affecting it both naturally and supernaturally. Meanwhile, James murders a random apartment tenant to raise a female Soul Eater from its body. James suggests to her that the souls of vampires would appeal to her apetite..

Throughout the issue, there are letters sent back and forth from James' true identity, Myresto Mor, and his sister, Rowant Mor. The letters express how Myresto had allegedly 'purchased' Earth from his sister and had been 'examining his property' using the James persona.


The story was set after "Immortality for Dummies", but before "The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart".



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Body Count

  • a man, killed by Liss

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