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Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, the comic mini-series Fallen Angel: Reborn is a crossover with IDW's Fallen Angel. It has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

FAR cover 1

Liandra and Illyria. Fallen Angel: Reborn 1 Cover

Liandra was a guardian angel who failed and was cast down from heaven because she believed in free will, after some time she became the magistrate of Bete Noire. She appeared when Illyria was hitting Benny, and when Illyria learned who she was, they started to fight, as Mr. Good asked Illyria to kill this fallen angel, and then she would find her icons that would restore her primordial body.

However, Jude, intervened and they went to the tower of Bete Noire where they heard Illyria's story and quest, there Jude heard from the city that one of Illyria's symbols was in the cementery of the city. When they arrived, Jude told her mother that Illyria will never get the symbol, according to the city; however her mother warned him that the city lied.

When Illyria grabbed her scythe Liandra rapidly grabbed it to, and both were transported in the middle of a blinding white light. They appeared in the arctic, where Liandra saved Illyria from a polar bear killing it with the scythe. After a short discussion she returned Illyria her scythe so it would lead her to the second symbol. While they walked to the second symbol, Illyria questioned Liandra about her past.

They entered a cave, where they saw a monster holding the scythe frozen on ice. Illyria, breaks the ice, and Catari, Illyria's former Qwa Ha Xahn, is released. It chooses to betrays his master, because if he surrendered the scythe he would die. After a short fight Illyria and Liandra retrieve the scythe, and are transported to New York, but are separated. Liandra, sees everything destroyed, and everyone dead. She meets a future Illyria, and start fighting until present Illyria appears. There future Illyria kills herself and surrenders the helmet. When Illyria was about to put the helmet on, Liandra and a leaf of grass convince her to not become her former being, as it would bring the death and destruction they see. Illyria chooses to destroys the helmet and they leave.


As a former angel, she knows many things, as proved by her knowledge of Illyiria's identity. She can use electricity to attack and she is also rejected by the ground and therefore is always hovering above the ground.

Having lost most of her power when she fell, she is nevertheless extremely strong, and is capable of leaping long distances. No longer able to fly, she is, nevertheless, unable to set bare foot on the ground, always hovering a few inches above it. She is also capable of bursts of speed.

She can make herself invulnerable to most damage, including extremes of temperature, but excluding gases, although this requires her to concentrate on maintaining her defenses, so, if caught by surprise, she can be hurt as a normal person could. No longer immortal, Liandra ages like other mortals, although when in Bête Noire she appears to be the age she was when she first arrived there. Following her temporary absorption of the last of Malachi's power, she was de-aged, so she now appears twenty years younger.

Liandra also possesses powerful psychokinetic abilities, able to throw heavy objects around, or to unleash waves of pure force, either as wide blasts or as pinpoint beams. Use of these powers is usually accompanied by the visual signs of electricity crackling around the effect.


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