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Several members of the Maclay family.

The Maclay family was a family of conservative people, lead by their current patriarch Mr. Maclay. His wife and their daughter, Tara, were witches, which the family disapproved of. Presumadly in order to keep their women in line, Mr. Maclay made up the rumor that their innate magical abilities were the result of them being part-demon and that Tara's alleged demonhood would resurface on her 20th birthday. This was proven false at said event when Spike hit Tara, triggering his chip which would only do so if he harmed, or intended to harm, a pure human

Family tree

                Grandpa Maclay     Grandma Maclay
                       │                  │
                       │                  │
                       │                  │
                       │                  │       
Beth's mother    Beth's father        Mr. Maclay        Mrs. Maclay
    │                  │                  │                  │
    │                  │                  │                  │
    └────────┬─────────┘                  └────────┬─────────┘
             │                                     │          
             │                            ┌────────┴─────────┐
             │                            │                  │
             │                            │                  │ 
        Beth Maclay                 Donald Maclay       Tara Maclay

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