The Magic Council was assembled by Illyria following the End of Magic in order to protect and preserve what little mystical energy remained as well as combat the growing threat of the Siphon.

Some time after magic is restored, the Council, headed by Buffy Summers, becomes Earth's premiere organisation balancing the interests of the world's magical communities, overseeing the highly powerful Vampyr book and acting as a sort of government.


First Council

Most members of the council perished in the fight against Maloker in the Deeper Well, with only Eldre Koh and D'Hoffryn as the known survivors.

Second Council


Following the restoration of magic, the Council reformed with D'Hoffryn and a new group of demons to keep the world in check as the new rules were established. In order to ensure that the new rules were adhered to without making any of the affiliated demons too powerful, Buffy and the other Scoobies created a series of rules where each member of the Council would have a particular ability that they could use against those who would threaten the balance, but that ability would be tied to their position rather than the individual demon themselves. They were also in alliance with Theo Daniels and Lake Stevens to find a way to close the dimensional portals when the Earth was invaded by thousands of demons and dangerous creatures.

However, it was later revealed that D'Hoffryn had worked in a crucial clause to the rules of the Council, in the form of a loophole that another member would inherit the powers of a Council member if they were killed until a 'replacement' could be appointed, thus allowing him to eliminate the rest of the Council and take their powers for himself.

Third Council


Following D'Hoffryn's death, a new magic council was formed. To prevent the mistakes of the previous council, Buffy elected members from her own side as well as supernatural creatures in order to create a fair and balanced comittee. This included herself as president, Rupert Giles as vice president, Riley Finn representing human military and Willow Rosenberg representing human magic users. Supernatural creatures were represented by Count Dracula, Archduchess Venobia, a lucky cat, a skeleton humaniod and a slime monster.


First Council

Second Council

Third Council


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