Lorne: “Why "Mandy"?
Angel: “Well, I know the words. And I kinda think it's pretty.
— Lorne and Angel in Caritas[src]

"Mandy" (originally "Brandy" in 1971) was a 1974 hit song by Barry Manilow. It was his first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts, and his first gold single. The song was written by Scott English under the title "Brandy", with music by Richard Kerr. Released by English in 1971, "Brandy" reached number 12 in the UK Singles Charts, but the fast-tempo version was a flop in the United States. Manilow's cover became a hit in the States.


Angel singing "Mandy."

In several episodes, Angel either sang or expressed an interest in this song as well as other Barry Manilow songs. He first sang it in Judgment at Caritas, when confronted about his song choice of song by Lorne he said "I think it's kinda pretty". In Orpheus, Angel is seen in a 1970's Diner where he played "Mandy" on a jukebox. Angelus also states his disdain for the song and that Angel had been to Barry Manilow concerts. In Hell Bound Spike mentions to Angel that he likes Barry Manilow.

In the episode The Magic Bullet, while under Jasmine's spell, Angel and Connor sing a cover of Mandy with altered lyrics about their love for Jasmine.