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Matthew Fries was a student at the Grayson Academy and the son of mobster Corbin Fries.

He was very studious and fan of comic book like The Punisher and X-Men that his father forbids him to read them, plausibly for to to hide his sinister projects.

His father implanted a mystical container within Matthew, which contained a bomb that was triggered by simply speaking a specific word. Upon learning of this information, Hauser and the Wolfram & Hart Special Operations Team set off to kill Matthew, his classmates and anyone within a fifty yard radius. Angel rescued Matthew before the Special Op's team arrival at the school, and killed all but one of the team. Once Matthew was returned to Wolfram & Hart, Fred and Wesley disabled the charm holding the bomb within Matthew, and reluctantly return him safely to his father.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Jordan Garrett.


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