Crossbow! Gotta love it. Feels like I'm storming a castle.

Molly was a Potential Slayer who was born in 1989 and died in 2003. She lived under Buffy Summers' protection during The First Evil's attack on the Slayerline before she was killed by Caleb after a poorly thought-over infiltration at the Shadow Valley Vineyards.


Molly was one of the three original Potentials to arrive in Sunnydale with Rupert Giles. She spoke with a Cockney accent and confused the other potentials by using British slang. When the potentials were locked inside a crypt with a vampire as a training routine, she was the one to slay the vampire (making her the first potential in Buffy's growing army to do so). While everyone was picking weapons, Molly revealed that her favorite weapon was the crossbow because it made her feel like she was storming a castle. During the climactic battle in the vineyard, Molly was stabbed with her own knife by Caleb immediately after the death of her fellow potential slayer Dianne.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Clara Bryant.
  • In the shooting script of "Bring on the Night", Molly is stated to be British Indian of either 14 or 15 years of age and described as pudgy. When Clara Bryant was cast the character was altered, apparently becoming working-class Londoner. 
  • Before landing a role on Buffy, Clara Bryant had a guest role on an episode Roseanne where she played the younger sister of Glenn Quinn's character.


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