"This is my lucky stake. I have killed many vampires with it. I call it Mr. Pointy."
Kendra Young[src]

Mr. Pointy was the stake that was owned and possibly carved by Kendra Young. It had a notable curved end. Kendra claimed it was her lucky stake and said she had killed many vampires with it. Kendra gave it to Buffy Summers to kill Angelus. Buffy intended to stake Angelus with it if Willow Rosenberg could not restore his soul, but didn't when informed of the trap Angelus had laid.[1]

Buffy kept it for a long time after Kendra's death, having it bronzed in honor of Kendra[2] and, according to herself, keeping it as a safety blanket[3].


Behind the Scenes

  • In "Helpless", Buffy claimed to have had the stake bronzed, while in "Choices" and "The Freshman" she mentions to have used the stake against vampires which would not be effective. It is possible she was just colloquially referring to any generic stake she had.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar kept the Mr. Pointy prop used on set.[4]


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