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"And now it's over.That's a huge deal, no matter what he says.In fact I'm not really sure if he knows what he's going to do with himself.He forgot how to be anything but a cop a long time ago.And maybe,maybe that's why I became a cop too. After mom died, you stopped , you know ? It was like you couldn't stand the sight of me.Her face, her eyes looking up at you.But big girls don't cry, right ? You said, gone's gone, and there is no use wallowing.Worms and dirt and nothing, forever.Not one word about a better place.You couldn't even tell a scared little girl a beautiful lie."
―Kate Lockley to her father[src]

Mrs. Lockley was the wife of Trevor Lockley and the mother of Kate Lockley. She dies when Kate was child.Her death affect Trevor who becomes hardened.


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