And now it's over. That's a huge deal, no matter what he says.In fact I'm not really sure if he knows what he's going to do with himself. He forgot how to be anything but a cop a long time ago. And maybe, maybe that's why I became a cop too. After Mom died, you stopped, you know? It was like you couldn't stand the sight of me. Her face, her eyes looking up at you. But big girls don't cry, right? You said, gone's gone, and there is no use wallowing. Worms and dirt and nothing, forever. Not one word about a better place. You couldn't even tell a scared little girl a beautiful lie.
―Kate Lockley to her father[src]

Mrs. Lockley was the wife of Trevor Lockley and the mother of Kate Lockley. She died when Kate was a child. Her death effected Trevor, whose personality hardened.