"OK, so talk to me, people. How does what Shylock says here, about being a Jew, relate to our discussion about the anger of the outcast at society?"
―Ms. Miller[src]

Ms. Miller was a Sunnydale High English teacher.

Ms. Miller was a caring teacher who enjoyed having the students debate about the readings she assigned. Although she neglected Marcie Ross, she cared for other students, agreeing to help Cordelia Chase with her paper. Ms. Miller was nearly suffocated by Marcie with a plastic bag. She was discovered by Cordelia shortly after, saving her life. Afterward, Marcie wrote the word "LISTEN" on her chalkboard.[1]

Giles considered Ms. Miller "to be very fair," and, according to Willow, "she does always stay after school to help the kids who are falling behind." She enthusiastically volunteered to teach cooking class, but, while preparing herself a meal at Sunnydale High, was attacked and kidnapped by a mystical tiger spirit, then forced to prepare meals nonstop. She was saved by the Scooby Gang, and was able to give continuity to her cooking classes, which later provided refreshments for the student art show.[2]

Behind the Scenes



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