Music of the spheres
Aristotle taught that all the stars and planets were mounted on invisible crystal spheres that moved around the Earth. Where they touched, they made music no human ears could hear.

The Music of the Spheres was an ancient philosophical concept that regarded proportions in the movements of celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon, and planets — as a form of music. This music maintained harmony in the multiverse.

The elder races of Pylea abolished music out of fear that someone might use it to disrupt the Music of the Spheres and destroy all realities.

A trio of ancient entities known as Discord, Disharmony, and Cacophony existed solely to disrupt the music of the spheres, waiting eternity to carry out this plan. Following the Fall of Los Angeles, in which the Music of the Spheres was changed briefly by the Senior Partners' Temporal Fold, they were finally able to act. Reality began to alter as the Three prepared to destroy the multiverse. However, Lorne sacrificed himself to become the center of the Music of the Spheres, undoing the damage caused by the Three and restoring harmony to reality.


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