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Well, well, well. A werewolf. Haven't seen one of you blokes in a dog's age.

Nathaniel Osborne was an American soldier who served in World War II. He was also a werewolf.


Private Nathaniel Osborne? A yank eh? Always liked yanks. Taste like beans.

Nathaniel Osborne was an American private who fought in World War II. At some point before or during the war, he was bitten by a werewolf and became one himself. Nathaniel was eventually captured and imprisoned by the Nazis. The vampire Spike discovered him during a raid of a Nazi base in full-wolf form and released him as a distraction. What became of him after these events is unknown.


  • Daniel Osbourne - Due to their similar surnames, and the fact that they are both werewolves, it is possible that Nathaniel is a distant relative of Daniel Osbourne.