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Comic Issue
"New Rules, Part Five"
Publication date July 23, 2014
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten #5
"New Rules, Part Four"
"I Wish, Part One"
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Christos Gage
Nicholas Brendon
Penciller(s) Rebekah Isaacs
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Steve Morris
Rebekah Isaacs
Inker(s) Dexter Vines
Colorist(s) Dan Jackson
Letterer(s) Richard Starkings
Jimmy Betancourt
Alt Cover S10 5

"New Rules, Part Five" is the fifth issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten comic book series.


Buffy, Willow, and Spike are in the middle of battling the Old One Dracula has been transformed into, while Andrew, Dawn and Giles escape the collapsing hotel with the Slayer Handbook. Anya reappears to Xander because of Dracula's persona being overwritten by that of Maloker, and she stresses to Xander that only he knows how to save everyone as Maloker continues to grow to an immense size.

Buffy notes that Spike, Willow and herself are not affecting Maloker at all, and Willow summons Giles via a magic conference to get ideas on how to defeat Maloker. Giles tells them that, being the progenitor of vampires, Maloker shares the conventional weaknesses of a regular vampire: stakes, fire and holy objects, but they have to be enlarged to match the Old One's size. Dawn overhears and tells Willow to make her a giant again to battle Maloker.

Willow turns Dawn into a giant, but Willow nevertheless warns her to keep her distance from Maloker, who is currently devouring people. Willow flies off and gets a priest to bless a skyscraper as Buffy suggested. Dawn lures Maloker away from crowds of people and successfully stakes Maloker with the needle on the skyscraper, and Maloker instantly turns to dust. Dracula is able to reform, but immediately starts to transform into the Old One again, and begs Buffy to kill him. 

Before Buffy is about to kill Dracula, she is stopped by Xander, and writes in the Vampyr book that Dracula is able to fend off Maloker using his willpower, and adding that everyone under Dracula's thrall is released. Dracula departs, but leaves the Scoobies with a warning that they shouldn't mess around with the Slayer Handbook. Back at Xander's apartment, the Scoobies are debating who shall write the new rules of magic when D'Hoffyrn appears and informs them the new Mystic Council will do so. Buffy declines, but says she will accept the Council's advice.




Organization and Titles



Weapons and Objects

Death Count

  • Several people, eaten by Maloker

Behind the Scenes


Pop Culture References


Willow - “Go to it, Father.”
Priest - “There’s normally a bit of ceremony…”
Willow - “No offense, but I’m a Jewish Wiccan and we’re all about to die.”
Dracula - “You say that, but I only hear from you when you want something.”
Xander - “I’m not saying I’m perfect. But, Dude…get a smartphone. Have Butterfield teach you how to Skype. I’ll keep in touch…I promise.”
D’Hoffryn - “We have the requisite power, experience, and wisdom to shape the laws of the new era. We shall gladly relieve you of your burden.”
Buffy - “Y’know what? No. I don’t think I want a vengeance demon making the rules. Or any of the whack jobs you hang out with.”
D’Hoffryn - “You have just admitted you do not trust yourself with the responsibility.”
Buffy - “I don’t. But y’know who I do trust? Us. All of us together. I want the best people I know doing this.”


Variant Covers

Cover Artwork

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