The Nitobe's dimension was a Hell Dimension populated by Nitobe demons. This world is organized like a feudal society, like in the European Middle-Age or Pylea. The capital is ruled by the Overseer, a priest. When becoming adults, the males pass fights trial in the hope to becomes Yataro, the elite class warriors. After his test, Eldre Koh find all his village massacred and was accused of murders by the Overseer. In reality, the cause was the Old One Goddess Illyria, searching to dominate this world and wanting new followers. She concludes a pact with the overseer, promising him a powerful position if the Yataro is disbanded, fearing that the warriors regroup and seek retribution. After her reign, it seems that this world exist again. When Buffy Summers broke the Seed, Nitobe guards were seen when Koh escape his jail.


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