Comic Issue
"No Future for You, Part Three"
Publication date November 07, 2007
Pages 23
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #8
"No Future for You, Part Two"
"No Future for You, Part Four"
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Brian K. Vaughan
Penciller(s) Georges Jeanty
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Jo Chen
Georges Jeanty
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Letterer(s) Richard Starkings & ComiCraft's Jimmy Betancourt

"No Future for You, Part Three" is the eight issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight comic book series and part of the Season Eight meta-series.


After discovering Genevieve is planning to kill Buffy, Faith realizes that Giles had not sent her to save the world from a rogue Slayer, but to actually save Buffy. Nevertheless, she continues her assignment, and convinced Genevieve that she has sided with her. They immediately start bonding, even taking a bath together.

Outside the Savidge Manor, Giles along with a gnome, Trafalgar, is trying to break into the manor to rescue Faith. The freelancer then makes a good point, that maybe Faith has gone "native", and she is not working for Giles anymore.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Buffy and Willow are fixing up some of the force fields around the arena and discussing how they should respond to the danger posed by the army. Genevieve and Roden teleport Buffy from the Slayer organization base in Scotland to the Savidge Manor. Buffy and Genevieve fight, while Faith watches from a balcony. While the rogue Slayer proves to be an accomplished fighter, she is defeated by the more experienced Buffy. As Buffy is about to deliver the killing blow, Roden prepares to attack Buffy with magic. Faith quickly leaps into the fight. Buffy accuses her of switching sides again, despite Faith's attempts to convince her otherwise. Buffy attackes Faith, and during the ensuing battle, Faith almost drowns Buffy in a swimming pool, but comes to her senses in time. At that moment, Willow teleports Buffy back to Scotland, leaving Faith alone and shaken. While Buffy orders Willow to contact Giles immediately, back at the Savidge residence, Faith sits crestfallen as Genevieve approaches, prepared to swing an axe at her head, realizing that her friend has betrayed her...


  • Faith's near-drowning of Buffy in a fit of frustration was similar to Buffy's nightmare of her drowning her in "Consequences", possibly foreshadowing this event.
  • Faith mentions her father, who later appears in 'Daddy Issues'.
  • Though things seemed to get better between the two Slayers, Buffy reveals she is still distrustful of Faith. Faith herself is shown to have not totally overcome her dark side and differences towards Buffy. Faith's lingering resentment towards Buffy was brought up by the First Evil in "Touched."



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  • London, England, U.K.
  • Scotland, U.K.

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  • 0 Deaths

Behind the Scenes



Pop Culture References


Buffy Summers: "Slayer, huh? Guess they’ve really relaxed admission standards if they let a rennfaire reject like you into the club."
- No Future for You, Part Three


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