"Good day. I am Norman Pfister with Quintessence Skin Care and Cosmetics. I was wondering if I could interest you in some free samples?"
―Norman Pfister[src]

Norman Pfister is the name by which the second of the assassins of the Order of Taraka identified himself.


"Here we go. I am the Bug Man, coo coo ca choo."
―Xander Harris[src]

The demon assassin known as Norman Pfister originated in Latvia, according to information available on the members of the Order of Taraka. He appeared in Sunnydale following the death of Octarus, who had been killed by Buffy Summers, the target the vampire Spike hired the Order of Taraka to eliminate. Preferring subterfuge to brute force as his modus operandi, Pfister used the guise of a polite and innocuous door-to-door cosmetics salesman to enter the homes of his victims offering free samples and, once inside, then reveal his true form and kill his victim.

Pfister presented himself at the door of Mrs. Kalish, a woman living across the street from the Summers residence, and killed her in order to use her house as a lair from which to spy on his target, waiting for her to return home so he could make his move.

However, after learning the Order of Taraka had come after her, Buffy preferred to stay away from her house. Ignoring this, Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase looked for her there. Pfister mistook Cordelia for Buffy and approached her, using the same tactic he had used on Mrs. Kalish.

Once inside the Summers house, Pfister continued the charade for a few minutes until Cordelia, and then Xander, realized the man before her wasn't human. He disassembled to attack them. However, they hid at the house's basement and then ran away a few minutes afterward.

With his targets gone, Pfister returned to Spike, joining him at the Church of du Lac, where Spike was preparing the ritual to cure Drusilla, and was present during the capture of Buffy, who went to the church to rescue Angel. When the Scooby Gang appeared to aid Buffy, Xander drew the attention of Pfister, as he was now aware of how to kill the demon. Cordelia and Xander used glue to trap Pfister in his disassembled state, and then the two proceeded to stomp on the hundreds of maggots until there were no more.

Powers and abilities

"This dude was different than the preying mantis lady. He was a man of bugs. Not a man who was a bug."
―Xander Harris[src]

While human in appearance, Pfister was actually a demon whose real form was that of a sentient hive of maggots. Under this form, Pfister was able to move at incredible speeds and invade the body of his victims, allowing him to suffocate and devour them from within. However, in his real form, Pfister was also vulnerable to being killed, as opposed to the invulnerability he enjoyed while in human form.

Behind the Scenes