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"I know you fellas are in charge now, and you're doing a bang-up job. I'm with you 110%, but that department brings in mucho revenue to this company."
―Novac to Angel and Gunn[src]

Novac was a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart's Internment Acquisitions Department which was involved in grave robbing. As part of it, he was in charge with supplying human corpses to Magnus Hainsley, a powerful necromancer and one of W&H's most important clients.

After the Angel Investigations staff took over the Los Angeles branch of W&H, Novac was sent to inform Hainsley that the firm would no longer supply bodies to him. As a response, Novac was murdered and mutilated by Hainsley's butler and sent back to the firm in three buckets.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Joshua Hutchinson.


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