Olaf's Enchanted Hammer of the Troll Gods was a powerful weapon brandished by Olaf after Anya accidentally released him from a crystal in the Magic Box he had been banished into. "Triangle"

Anya noted that the hammer contained his godly power. Buffy Summers kept it as souvenir after defeating Olaf and it remained at the Magic Box (placed on a display case with a concrete slab to support it). Buffy later used it to pummel Glory, a near-invulnerable hell-goddess, into submission.

The hammer was apparently very heavy. Despite having enhanced strength as a vampireSpike was unable to lift it, but Buffy was able to wield it easily.

Behind the Scenes

  • One of two known hammers was sold on eBay by Fox Auctions in 2004. As of September 2010 one of the two was once again on sale, but has since been sold to an unknown buyer.
  • The two hammers can be told apart by the leather cord attached at the bottom of the handle. The hammer first seen in "Triangle" had the leather cord but in later appearances "Blood Ties" and "The Gift" it did not.

    Olaf's Hammer Version One

    Buffy olaf hammerVersionTwo

    Olaf's Hammer Version Two

  • Olaf's Hammer might be based off Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.
  • The hammer was seen briefly in "Selfless" when Olaf just became a troll, so he was hardly a "troll god" by that time. This implies that the hammer may have at some point been imbued with godly power inbetween the time of Aud's curse and Olaf's imprisonment.
  • The hammer is not seen past "The Gift", even though it may have come in handy in future battles. It's likely that the Scooby Gang didn't recover the hammer after Buffy's death (since none of them could possibly lift it) and would have been too preoccupied with that tragic event.
  • Xander is seen running into the hammer in "Triangle" and surviving despite being a normal human while Glory was pummelled by it and had the durability surpassing way beyond mortal men. It's possible that the hammer's power could depend on who wielded it at the time and that Olaf had a bit of compassion for Xander being a "puny human" who was simply trying to protect his women and chose not to outright kill him. Buffy is the Slayer while Olaf's status as a "god" is rather dubious especially considering that it is stated in the episode "Checkpoint" that Buffy has neither encountered or defeated a "God" in the past. Lets also not forget that when Aud turned Olaf into a Troll she was not yet the Vengeance Demon Anyanka; She neither had the power nor the inclination to turn her cheating boyfriend into a "God".

It is likely then that the misconception of Olaf being a "God" comes from a poor choice of wording on the part of the writers and that it is the Enchanted Hammer that was "of the Troll Gods" not Olaf himself.