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"Couldn't pass through Sunny Cal without looking up old Ripper."
―Olivia Williams[src]

Olivia Williams was an old friend and romantic interest of Rupert Giles.


Olivia apparently had known Giles during his Ripper phase as she was familiar with his nickname. During the 1990s, Olivia visited Giles in Sunnydale on at least two occasions.[1] During the second visit, the Gentlemen came to Sunnydale and stole everyone's voice, including Olivia's. She assisted Giles in researching the Gentlemen where she showed to have an artistic talent by drawing an accurate portrait of a Gentleman. After the ordeal, Olivia didn't seem very comfortable and presumably ended her relationship with Giles.

Giles dreamed about Olivia when the First Slayer tried to kill him in his dream. In the dream, Olivia was married to him and was heavily pregnant.[2] After Giles' death, she attended his funeral and was devastated.[3] However, she was contacted and invited by a ressurected Giles to San Francisco. However, she was dischanted to see him looking ike a child. Although Giles assures her he was the same person she remembered, and insisted on continuing their relationship, Olivia refused (for reasons of her own). She had also revealed to be actually based at Los Angeles and in liaison with the San Francisco Police Department into the supernatural crimes unit division, because of her prior experience in the occult.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Phina Oruche.
  • All three episodes in which Olivia appears were written and directed by Joss Whedon.
  • Olivia is mentioned by name in "Who Are You" when Buffy Summers who, after switching bodies with Faith Lehane, tried to convince him it was her by mentioning things Faith wouldn't know.
  • Olivia also appears in the novels The Lost Slayer, where Giles' occupation in helping Buffy find information about a vampire cult led by the Aztec God of Bats distracts him from paying proper attention to Olivia during a visit, and Blood and Fog, where Olivia leaves Giles after he spends his time with her—during the period when he has returned to England in Season Six—carrying out long-distance research to help Buffy identify a demon that had once acted as Jack the Ripper.
  • Olivia Williams is also the name of the actress who plays Adelle DeWitt, a major character in Dollhouse, which is also a Joss Whedon series


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