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Buffy Comic Books
Omnibus: Volume 4
Omnibus Vol 4
Publication date 25 May 2008
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Creative Team
Written by various
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Omnibus: Volume 3
Omnibus: Volume 5

Omnibus: Volume 4 is the fourth part in a series of trade paperback collections that contain all of Dark Horse's Buffy comics in chronological order.


From the back cover
"... stories actually read like lost Buffy episodes." – The Onion A.V.Club
Season Three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer concludes in this fourth Buffy Omnibus, which has the Slayer tackling a familiar evil – the sexy, venomous vampire Selke in Andi Watson's memorable story arc, "Bad Blood." Novelist Christopher Golden (Baltimore, or the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire) and comics creator Eric Powell (The Goon, Action Comics) join forces to explore Spike and Dru's tumultuous break-up in the short story "Who Made Who." And when an old flame of Angel's comes to Sunnydale looking for help, Buffy and Angel aid in her fight against The Hollower, an ancient evil returned. As Graduation Day comes to its fateful end, Buffy and Angel must say goodbye as the vampire with a soul journeys to his new home in Los Angeles.
Filled with mini-series and one-shots featuring favorite characters from the Buffy television series, the Buffy Omnibus series is a fitting companion to Joss Whedon's Buffy Season Eight found only in comics.