Ophelia Reyes was the newly-established United States Secretary of the Supernatural under President Malloy's administration, and member of the Pandora Project.


Ophelia was appointed to the position in the aftermath of the tsunami that damaged San Francisco. She invited Willow Rosenberg to work with her as a federal agent, but the witch denied, accusing Ophelia's position of classifying supernatural beings as "the ones [she had] on a leash... and the ones [she had] in a cage"[1].

Due to the nationally spread state of fear and violence, Ophelia announced the relocation of supernatural beings to the temporary Safe Zone, under the Supernatural Crisis Act[1]. As a promise of permanent solution for coexistence, she then offered the permanent removal of magic from those who wanted to be reintegrated[2].

Willow's distrust was corroborated as Ophelia was revealed to be an active member of the Pandora Project, a secret organization responsible for San Francisco crisis, with the purpose of absorbing all magic from the world[3].



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