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The Orbs of Nezzla'Khan were a pair of magical crystal orbs guarded by Nezzla Demons. They granted superhuman strength, and physical invulnerability to whoever carries them. However, the orbs themselves are easy to break, reversing the effects upon their owners. Warren Mears stole these orbs to commit a mass amount of bank robberies; in this state, he easily bested Buffy Summers in a physical struggle, until Buffy destroyed the Orbs (with help from Jonathan Levinson) which caused Warren to flee.

Powers and Abilities

The Orbs of Nezzla'Khan embued the host with incredible strength and endurance far exceeding that of the Slayer. Warren could punch Xander accross the room, easily overpower and kill a Nezzla Demon, lift an armored car to its side with little effort, and withstand having a ton of stone fall on him without injury.

It appeared that the orb could only have one host at a time and they must possess both orbs at the same time.



  • The Orbs are an obvious metaphor for male genitalia.

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