This article is about the Fray comic issue. For the Angel Season Eleven collection, see Out of the Past (TPB).

Comic Issue
Out of the Past
Publication date October, 2001
Pages 22
Fray #4
Ready, Steady ...
The Worst of It
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Karl Moline
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Karl Moline
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Letterer(s) Michelle Madsen

"Out of the Past" was the third issue of the Fray comic book series.


Another flashback told of Melaka and her brother Harth coming face to face with Icarus in the past. Mel battled Icarus and ordered Harth to flee. However, Harth was drawn to Icarus, who dangled Mel off the building and held Harth in his grip. As he let Mel fall, Icarus bit into Harth’s neck and killed him.

In the present day, Mel was having trouble believing that Icarus was in front of her. He proceeded to fight her and was notably disappointed by her fighting abilities.

In the Tavern, Loo’s parents were annoyed at the fight which was still continuing thanks to Mel, and as Loo searched for her friend, she spotted Urkonn in the distance and ran towards him. Outside, as Icarus prepared to kill Mel, Urkonn and Loo appeared out of nowhere and Urkonn threw Icarus into the river. Mel wanted to kill him, but she fainted in Urkonn’s arms before she could pursue her brother’s killer.

Later, Icarus was talking to his master who claimed that they needed Mel and without her his plans involving the totem and the amulet were nothing. Urkonn meanwhile was communing with the spirits who told him to kill Mel if she was unprepared for war. Urkonn was reluctant and stated that he would get her prepared.

Dreaming again, Mel relived the beginning of the strife between her and Erin as a result of Harth’s murder. Waking up, she told Urkonn of her history with Icarus and also informed him that Harth was her twin brother. Showering and loading up her weapons, Mel told Urkonn that she never knew Icarus’ name and she wanted to know how he knew hers. She traveled to Gunther’s place in an attempt to find Icarus, but he was uncooperative, even for his best ‘grabber.’ Suddenly, Mel was hit by a laser blast, and Erin stood over her, reading her rights.

Before Erin and her partners could take Mel, Lurks attacked them and Melaka fought valiantly. She ordered Erin to safety, and then was knocked unconscious. Waking up, she found Icarus over her again, but this time they were in his leader’s lair. Looking up at the leader, Mel looked at him in shock. It was Harth.




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Melaka Fray: "I've met you a thousand times. I've killed you a hundred ways - in a rage, cool as ice, giggling like a schoolgirl... never like this. Like I'm frozen, cold frozen and trying not to pee myself. Jesu, Melaka, get up, get up, get up..."
- Out of the Past