Willow & Oz inside in his van

This blue van was owned by Oz as a vehicle for the Dingoes Ate My Baby and the Scooby Gang. He used it to travel to Los Angeles in order to give Angel the Gem of Amara and later to help Angel Investigations retrieve the gem.[1] Oz also used it after to travel cross-country in order to treat his lycanthropy. It broke down just outside Mexico, costing his bass guitar to have it fixed.[2]

This van is a 1974 Ford Ecoline Van with Califorian licence plate 21DW407.

Behind the scenes

Oz's blue and zebra-striped vans are different vehicles. They are of a different make and model. Also, this van has its steering wheel on the left, while the zebra-striped van has its steering wheel on the right.


Oz arriving in his van to aid Angel Investigations.



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