Buffy Comic Books
Oz (TPB)
Publication date 15 May 2002
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Includes Original Comics BtVS: Oz #1-3
Creative Team
Written by Christopher Golden
Penciller(s) Logan Lubera
Valentine De Landro
Herb Apon
Inker(s) Craig Yeung
Colorist(s) HALO
Percy Melbye
Helen Bach
Comic Book Collections
publication order
Out of the Woodwork
False Memories

Oz is a trade paperback collecting comic stories based on the Buffy television series about the character Oz. Not to be confused with the novel, Oz: Into the Wild.

Having left Sunnydale in search of his own nature, Oz travels to the Far East, and then across the globe in search of a secret monastery where he might learn to find inner peace. When he arrives, he discovers that a number of the monks have been kidnapped by a demon race. Oz rescue the monks and overcome a terrible demon.

Oz #1

Comic title: Oz #1
Oz was a friend to the Slayer, victim of the werewolf curse. Oz has left his home in search of peace within himself. He travels to Tibet looking for a monk called Shantou, who might be able to teach him to control the darkness within himself. With the help of a Chinese demon-girl, Oz finds Shantou in a situation of peril.

Oz #2

Comic title: Oz #2
With the help of the wise Tibetan Monk Shantou and the beautiful Chinese demon-girl Jinan, Oz hopes to gain control over his wolf nature. The weeks draw nearer to the next full moon, and Oz gets ready to face himself. Meanwhile dark forces are on the move, and Oz must prepare to face them.

Oz #3

Comic title: Oz #3
Oz and his new companions challenge a crazy demon overlord and a large number of various supernatural nasties. The showdown could change Oz forever.