Well, you know the difference between a freshman girl and a toilet seat... toilet seat doesn't follow you around after you use it --
―Parker Abrams[src]

Parker Abrams was a UC Sunnydale student dorming in Kresge Hall.


Parker met Buffy Summers at the college cafeteria when she was hiding from her roommate Kathy Newman. The two developed a mutual attraction, and despite finding him hitting on Kathy with the intention of leaving his number, Buffy found that he appeared to be smart, kind and sensitive. After a couple of weeks of flirting, Parker and Buffy attended a frat party before having sex at his dorm room, Buffy's first intimate encounter since Angel.

While Buffy sought to pursue a relationship with him, she quickly found that Parker's sweet and sensitive routine was mostly an act and he had only been interested in a one-night stand, having quickly moved over to a new girl when Buffy confronted him after he didn't call her.

Buffy then became depressed, causing her friend Willow Rosenberg to confront Parker at the Grotto coffee shop. In the encounter, Parker explained that he did value his night with Buffy, though he claimed that people should be able to share that experience without worrying about or desiring a relationship. After having a long talk, Willow began to see and understand his side of the story, however, Parker then attempted to seduce Willow, claiming she was the first girl he could really connect with. Willow quickly noticed this and shrugged him off before a group of students attacked, under the influence of Black Frost. This led to the Grotto being set on fire, endangering the lives of Parker, Willow and several other students present. Buffy, also under the influence of Black Frost, then arrived and rescued them from the fire. Outside the coffee shop, Parker genuinely apologized for hurting her while she just stared. He asks her if he can be forgiven, but she hits him hard on the head with a tree branch, meaning she doesn't forgive him for the way he acted.

A short time after the incident, Forrest Gates asked him about Buffy; Parker's inappropriate comments resulted in him being punched in the face by Riley Finn who was interested in Buffy.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Adam Kaufman.
  • Parker appears in the future visited by Buffy in the "Lost Slayer" tetralogy, where he has become a human servant of the Vampire King, working to collect human meals for the vampires in exchange for his own freedom, the recently-escaped Buffy interrogating Parker for information about this new world after she finds him in Sunnydale while trying to learn what has happened. Buffy is disgusted by him as he is willingly serving the vampires unlike most of the humans in Sunnydale, noting even at a distance that he seemed to be genuinely enjoying his new role. He is later killed by a Council soldier named Yancy on the way to City Hall.
  • Adam Kaufman later guest-starred, with Joss Whedon, Alyson Hannigan (Willow Rosenberg), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia Chase), Christian Clemenson (Balthazar), Jesse James (Ryan Anderson), Steve Rankin (Mr. Maclay), Deborah Zoe (Mistress Meerna), Brittany Ishibashi (Vivian) and Megalyn Echikunwoke (Vaughne) on Veronica Mars
  • In "The Harsh Light of Day", Parker claims to have lost his father the year before. It's unknown if this is true, or if he was just using this as a way to make Buffy feel bad for him.


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