Passions was a TV soap opera regularly watched by Spike and Joyce Summers. The two of them are seen watching the show in Spike's crypt and enthusiastically discussing the show's latest events.

In "Something Blue" Spike is seen worried to miss an episode of the show after the last episode supposedly ended with a cliffhanger with a male named Timmy down in a well. In "Checkpoint" Joyce is worried about apparently the same character, anxiously asking Spike whether he thinks Timmy really died. Spike gently reassures her, saying Timmy must be alive because he is a doll so they can just "sew him back together".

In "Real Me" Giles reveals that he also used watch the show with Spike to occupy himself and pass the time during his unemployment prior Season Five.

Behind the Scenes

In reality, Passions was a supernatural/paranormal soap opera that aired from 1999 to 2008.

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