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"I'm Detective Stein ... I'm sorry but I need to ask you a few things ..."
―Paul Stein[src]

Paul Stein was a police detective of the Sunnydale Police Department.


"Call me if you "remember" anything."
―Detective Stein[src]

Unlike his superior, Chief Bob, Detective Stein was unaware of what truly happened in Sunnydale. He investigated the deaths of Ted Buchanan, Kendra Young and Allan Finch with genuine interest in solving the cases, which brought him into the life of Buffy Summers.

Stein's fate following the investigations remains unknown. If he survived up to 2003, it is possible he merely left town when the First Evil's presence caused Sunnydale's population to escape en masse.

Behind the scenes

  • He was portrayed by James G. MacDonald.
  • Detective Stein's first name is revealed in the shooting script of "Consequences".


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