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Cordelia's Apt
Cordelia: "I am not giving up this apartment!"
Angel: "It's haunted."
Cordelia: "It's rent controlled!"
— Cordelia and Angel[src]

The Pearson Arms apartment was the second apartment in which Cordelia Chase took residence after moving to Los Angeles. It was haunted by the ghosts of Maude Pearson, who had built the Pearson Arms apartment complex, and her son Dennis. Maude had killed Dennis by walling him alive, only to die of a heart attack seconds later. The later occupants of the apartment, Margo Dressner (1959), Jenny Kim (1965), and Natalie Davis (March 7th, 1994) were all killed by Mrs. Pearson's ghost, as the insane spirit mistook these women for Dennis' fianceé.

It was located at Embury Street in Silverlake[1], a neighborhood in central Los Angeles just south of the Silverlake Reservoir, and 15 miles from Caritas[2].

Prominent Events


  • Under Doyle's advice, Cordelia moved to the apartment where she was subsequently harassed and attacked by the ghost of Maude Pearson. It was later revealed that it is in fact Maude who murder her son before dying herself of heart attack, contrary to what was initially believed. Once Maude's murder was revealed, Dennis took his revenge by banishing his mother. He then became Cordelia's permanent roommate.



  • After her breakup with Spike, Harmony Kendall was a temporary resident until that she betrayed Cordelia.
  • After his exile from Pylea, Groosalugg was a temporary resident until he broke up with Cordelia.


  • During the disappearance of Cordelia, the rent was taken care of by Winifred Burkle before making the decision to bring all of Cordelia's possessions to the Hyperion Hotel.



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