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Percy West
First appearance "Doppelgängland"
Last appearance "Doomed"
Name Percy West
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation Sunnydale High School
Class of '99
Portrayed by  Ethan Erickson

B3 - B4

"I can't make the study session after school today. Can we do it fifth period?"
―Percy to Willow[src]

Percy West was a Sunnydale High student and star point guard on the basketball team.


When Percy's low grades nearly made him ineligible for the basketball team, Principal Snyder forced Willow Rosenberg to tutor him. Percy instead believed that it meant that Willow was going to do his work for him, and forced Willow to do so. Luckily for Willow, after Percy has a run-in with Willow's alternate reality vampiric doppelgänger, Percy begins to take her tutoring more seriously, mainly because he was scared of her after the doppelgänger incident. This culminated in him writing up essays on both Presidents Roosevelts when he only needed to write about one, giving her an apple, and then quickly taking off.

Later, he helped the Scoobies to organize the students into a fighting force on graduation day in order to battle vampires and the Mayor himself along with other Sunnydale High students.

Afterward, he went to USC on a football scholarship, but dated a girl at UC Sunnydale. While at a party with his girlfriend, he met Willow again. Though initially treating her in quite a friendly manner, Percy assured his jealous girlfriend that, while Willow was a nice person, she was the "captain of the nerd squad", the minute that Willow's back was turned. Unfortunately, Willow overheard him, and was left hurt.

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