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"Look, I may not be the greatest dad in the world. But I don't beat up my girl."
―Phillip Newton[src]

Phillip Newton was the father of Cassie Newton. A divorced man with a bad relationship to his ex-wife and seemingly with an alcohol problem, he nonetheless cared greatly for his daughter, even though he didn't consider her to be a particularly bright girl.


"Cause I pay my support, okay? To the dime. She just wants to take away the one weekend a month I get to see my girl."
―Phillip Newton[src]

Mr. Newton had a reputation as a drunkard and, according to his profile in the Sunnydale Police Department, had also faced several charges, including Drunk and Disorderly Conduct and Disturbing the Peace. Because of his problems with the law, he only got to spend one weekend a month with his daughter, and feared his ex-wife would attempt to take even that away from him.

When Buffy Summers began investigating Cassie's family and friends in an attempt to prevent her death, she suspected that Mr. Newton beat Cassie and would eventually kill her. She was proven wrong, however, when she discovered that Mr. Newton was not going to be with Cassie on the afternoon she had foretold her own death.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was aged 45.

Behind the Scenes


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