"Prophecies are tricky creatures. They didn't tell you everything."
The Master[src]

Prophecies were messages that foretold future events, usually recorded in written word and employing obscure language. Unlike premonitory dreams and visions, which functioned more as warnings of potential events, the very nature of prophecies ensured their fullfilment.

Works containing prophecies

Prophesied events

  • The rise of the Anointed One.
  • The identity of the Anointed One.
  • The rise of the Master and the, albeit temporary, death of Buffy Summers.
  • The rise Promised One during the final days of the XX Century.
  • The rise of Barvain the demon prince
  • The Shanshu Prophecy: The Vampire with a soul playing a key role in the apocalypse and becoming human again.
  • The rise of the Beast of Amalfie.
  • The Tro-Clon: a confluence of events that would result in the ruination and/or purification of mankind.
  • The death of Sahjhan.

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