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The Ra-tet was a mystical order of five enormously powerful (except for the neutral totem), immortal beings who were "totems," or symbolic manifestations of the Egyptian god, Ra. According to Wesley, their origins have been shrouded in mystery since the dawn of time.


Two of the totems were light, one was neutral, and two were dark. Each individual represented a stage in Ra's journey across the sky. Each of the totems in the Ra-tet also represented a point along the spectrum of good and evil, with the morning totem being the most benevolent and the evening totem the most malevolent. Each of them contained special talismans to protect the sun, rendering it insusceptible to earth-bound incantations and the like. Together, the five totems created an embodiment of the god Ra and dat, or daylight.

The five "talismans" of the five totems were needed to perform spells affecting the sun. Despite their immense power, The Beast ultimately killed all five totems and retrieved the talisman that each totem carried within their bodies. With the talismans, the Beast was able to perform a ritual that blocked out the sun, casting Los Angeles into darkness and threatening the entire world.





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