The Rat Transformation Reversal Spells are reversal spells that can be used to reverse to reverse the Rat Transformation Spell. There have been two that have been used, one by Amy Madison to return Buffy Summers to normal and one that Willow Rosenberg summoned to restore Amy herself.


  • Amy's Incantation: Goddess of creatures great and small, I conjure thee to withdraw. Hecate I hearby liscence thee to depart. This variant also required an unknown potion.
  • Willow's Incantation (Italian): Ciò che fu non è piu. Ciò che fu fatto, disfa. Passato è il pericolo, finita è la prova. Metti le cosa a posto.
    • Translation: What was is no longer. What was done, undo. The danger passed, the trial no more, set things right.


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