"Reading the Vampire Slayer"
380px-Reading the Vampire Slayer (Buffyverse)
An Unofficial Critical Companionto Buffy and Angel
Author(s) various
Publication date March 18, 2004 (second updated edition)
Length 288 pages
Published by Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN ISBN 1-86064-984-X

Reading the Vampire Slayer is an academic publication relating to the fictional Buffyverse established by TV series, Buffy and Angel.

The book covers both Buffy (up to its final season) and Angel (up to Season 4) and gives in-depth analysis highlighting show titles, quotes, key comments that forshadow something else. The book progresses season by season discussing character growth, and many hidden metaphors.
380px-Reading the Vampire Slayer (Buffyverse)

Reading the Vampire Slayer