Comic Issue
"Ready, Steady ..."
Publication date August, 2001
Pages 22
Fray #3
"The Calling"
"Out of the Past"
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Karl Moline
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Karl Moline
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Letterer(s) Michelle Madsen

"Ready, Steady ..." was the third issue of the Fray comic book series.


A flashback to the past began as Mel and the boy named Harth ran from a vendor whom they had stolen from. They climbed a roof, but Harth lost his footing and fell, screaming Mel’s name. She saved him and as they climbed to the top, they were delighted at their theft, which would feed them and their sister Erin. Suddenly, Icarus appeared and claimed that they were the food.

Mel woke up from the nightmare and Urkonn told her that it was time to train. Mel was not concerned. She took her grab from the museum and intended to take it to Gunther. Urkonn accompanied her and was not impressed. He tried to get her to see sense, and as they landed on a moving transport, Mel asked him to explain her lack of dreams and the Slayer’s legacy.

Urkonn began by telling her of magic, and the Old Ones. He told her of the dawn of men and the expulsion of the demons from this reality. He claimed that some demons remained behind on Earth and some bred in the human community, infecting humans and transforming them. In order to conquer this threat, elders from various communities harnessed the power of the demons and implanted it in a girl: the First Slayer…

Before he could finish his tale, Mel realised that they almost missed their stop and leaped from the transport. They arrived at Gunther’s place, who was less than impressed to find a demon with Mel. Outside the building, the police had identified Mel and Erin was upset to learn that her sister was dealing with the bad guys.

After dealing with Gunther, who took the totem and elected to send it to his latest mysterious client, Mel took Urkonn to an abandoned area and asked to train. She did not do remarkably well, so Urkonn decided to continue his history lesson. He told her of the Slayers and the Watchers (and also claims that he was not Mel’s Watcher) and also of the final Slayer in the 21st century, who fought a battle with mystical allies and banished all demons and magic from Earth. With no more demons, she was the last Slayer to be called.

Elsewhere, Icarus arrived at his leader’s hideaway with the totem. Icarus was concerned that Urkonn was with Melaka. He asked his master what to do.

At her apartment, Fray found Loo upset. She said that Kettie Rawls called her a freak, and Mel decided to kick his ass. She explained to Urkonn that Loo’s parents ran the Tavern and that she had a sister named Erin. She also claimed that she had a brother. At the Tavern, Rawls approaches Mel and makes a crude joke at her expense. She swung at him and started a fight which ended with her being ejected from the Tavern. As she sat outside on the pavement, Mel chose to return inside, but looked up in horror to find Icarus standing over her…


The events took place after "The Calling", but before "Out of the Past".



Organizations and Titles



Behind the Scenes



Cover Artwork


Urkonn - The elders of several villages met, calling for action. They invoked the strongest and most dangerous magicks they could summon, to create a power. A power that could fight the vampires. A power that lived... in the body of a girl.

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