Rebecca Wade was an aspiring actress who was used as a pawn by the ancient demon Sehjenkhai.



Rebecca’s career had started out with an Oscar-nominated supporting role in Wisteria Way, but she had since experienced a series of bad film choices, culminating in her receiving the lead role in the film Zombie Island Princess and fearing that she would be typecast as a mere scream queen.

Pawn of Sehjenkhai

At this point, Rebecca was contacted by the demon Sehjenkhai, posing as an acting coach to the general public. Won over to Sehjenkhai’s argument that ‘art demands sacrifice’, Rebecca agreed to his plan to perform a series of sacrifices, Sehjenkhai convincing her that this was part of a ritual that would increase her own status. Having killed ten homeless people over the last eleven months, the eleventh sacrifice was Steve McKay, a stuntman who Rebecca had seduced so that he could impregnate her as the final sacrifice had to be the father of her unborn child.

However, after Rebecca killed McKay, Sehjenkhai stabbed her in the stomach, killing her and her child; the true purpose of the ritual was to summon a cross-dimensional monolith that would unleash a demon army on the world, Rebecca committing the sacrifice as it was a key part of the ritual. However, Angel Investigations learned what she had done while investigating the monolith as her assistant discovered a manuscript Rebecca had written recording a variation of her activities ("Monolith").

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