Btvs This article is about a recent or upcoming release and therefore might not yet be complete.

The following tables lists upcoming Buffy and Angel releases with their expected release date (when known).

Series and number Title
2017-11-22 Angel Season Eleven #11 Dark Reflections, Part Three
2017-12-20 Angel Season Eleven #12 Dark Reflections, Part Four
2018-01-03 Angel Season Eleven volume 2 "Time and Tide"
2018-02-07 Buffy Season Eleven volume 2 "One Girl in All the World"
2018-02-28 Giles #1 Giles, Part One
2018-03-07 Buffy Season Eight Omnibus, volume 2
2018-04-04 Angel Season Eleven volume 3 "Dark Reflections"
2018-09-?? TBA "New School Nightmare"

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