The Rise of the Anointed One was a prophesied event that would create a vampire that would lead the slayer, to hell.


Having been thwarted with their plans for the Harvest, the Master remained trapped underground, bidding his time. It was foretold by Aurelius that in a time of crisis, a great warrior would rise to aid and free the Master. The said warrior, known as the Anointed One, would lead the Order of Aurelius against the slayer. It was also prophesied that the slayer who would not know of the Anointed One, and she would not be able to kill the Anointed One, while he in turn, would lead her to hell.

Finding the Anointed One

After telling the Order of Aurelius about the prophecy, the Master sent vampires to locate the human that would become the great warrior. This happened without any intervention, and the vampires successfully intercepted the bus that carried their target.

Identifying the Threat

After reading about the ring left by a vampire Buffy slayed the night before, Giles discovered the writings of Aurelius, his order, and the Anointed One. Giles warned Buffy about the threat, but Buffy was busy with a date. Giles then investigated by himself and came upon the wreckage left by the Order of Aurelius in search of the Anointed One. Giles then tracked the bodies into the Sunnydale Funeral Home. The watcher was eventually trapped by vampires. Xander and Willow, who secretly followed Giles, left to seek help.


Willow and Xander found Buffy and tried to get her to come to the funeral home under the pretense of a daring double date. Buffy tried to dump Owen, but he insisted on tagging along.

The group arrived at the funeral home and immediately sought out Giles. Borba, a suspected murderer known for quoting prophecies who was a victim of the bus attack earlier, was revealed to have been turned as a vampire. Borba attacked Buffy and the others. During the scuffle, Owen was knocked unconscious. Buffy, angered by her belief that Owen died, shoves Borba into the crematory furnace.


With the death of Borba, Scooby Gang thought the Anointed One was stopped. However, it was revealed much later that Borba was merely a decoy planted to distract Buffy. The true Anointed One was the young boy Collin, who was brought to the Master safely.