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Jack O'Toole performs the Ritual of Uurthu

He calls forth, the spirit of Uurthu, the restless, no one shall sleep. He shall arise... hear, me, the blood of the Earth shall restore him -- and he shall arise. Shall arise.
―Jack O'Toole[src]

The Ritual of Uurthu was a magic ritual to reanimate the dead as sentient zombies. The ritual could only be performed when certain stars were aligned and it required the caster to wave a chicken foot while reciting a prayer to the deity Uurthu, the Restless. The ritual also required the caster to spill his/her blood over the target's grave.

Approximately on April 1998, Jack O'Toole was reanimated by his grandfather. Eight months later, O'Toole performed the same ritual to raise his friends Big Bob, Dickie and Parker.