this article is about the Minder, for the son of Nikki Wood, see Robin Wood
Willow: "We're just here to talk."
Robin: "There's a chance you'll wish you hadn't. Oh, that was gloomy. I didn't mean to be gloomy. The important thing is that you rescue the prince."
Willow Rosenberg and Robin[src]

Robin was the minder of Sephrilian's reality field, chosen to watch over a small house which serves as a mask to Sephrilian's domain. Upon their arrival, she warned Buffy and Willow that magic was not to be used inside, lest the magic containing the field would become unstable. Fitting the non-linear time Robin experienced, Willow knew her by name upon what appears to be their initial meeting.

A remnant of Robin was projected to Buffy and Willow while inside and revealed that someone close to Buffy would betray her. As Buffy and Willow destroyed Sephrilian with some magical assistance, the field could no longer be contained allowing Robin some time to herself until she was reassigned.

Powers and abilities

"I can't believe you contained that whole surge!"
―Willow Rosenberg[src]


As a Minder, Robin was capable of exerting some level of control over Sephrillian's reality field, allowing her to contain it. She was also capable of projecting fragments of her consciousness, known as "remnants", into the reality field (though due to the nature of the reality field, she was not always aware of doing so). Her experience of time in a non-linear fashion, gave her knowledge of what others would perceive as "future" events.

Behind the scenes

Robin is named and designed after Robin Balzer, whose husband wrote to Dark Horse comics about his wife's disability in response to a contest posted on Balzer, diagnosed with schizophrenia, found comfort in the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and used her relation to the characters on the show as a coping device for her condition.


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