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"You're not thinking of leaving, are you? 'Cause we have a strict policy against you leaving. At least until you've had a drink."
―Roy to Buffy[src]

Roy was a UC Sunnydale student.

He was friends with Colm, Hunt, and Kip. He and and his friends liked to drink Black Frost beer at the local pub. One night, the bartender, in an effort to get revenge on college kids for thinking their better than everyone else, began to serve the college students beer that was tainted by a spell. This spell turned those who drank it excessively into violent Neanderthals as a result. The effect was temporary and wore off in a day or two.

Months later, during a party at Lowell House, he flirted with Christie, and also fell under the influence of a poltergeist.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Bryan Cuprill.
  • Roy is the only returning character from those introduced in "Beer Bad".


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