Ruby, aka Ruby Monahan, is a Half-demon. But she wants to be a human, and to "liberate" from her demonic side. For this reason they visited the Mosaic Wellness Center. As Ruby but have a longer time is missing, her family hired Spike to find and save the half-demon girl.


Ruby Monahan was born after her mother had an affair with a Sadecki Demon. Shortly afterwards, she married her husband, and he picked up Ruby as his own daughter. In her childhood, she did not differ from a human child, but when she was eighteen, her demonic features showed. Several spines grew from her back.

Later she went to the Mosaic Wellness Center because she had heard that one would lose his demonic powers there. She called her family from there, and said that they would be treated well there. But with her telepathic powers, she told her parents that she was being held there and treated badly. Finally, she did not call, and the worried parents hired Spike to find her daughter and free her.

When Spike arrives at the Mosaic Wellness Center, he does not find her there. Finally, he is also captured there and gets a demonic parasite that weakens his powers, as does every other demon, vampire and werewolf there too. In search of the girl, he meets Betta George, who orders him to show him a false vision, according to which Spike is supposed to believe that Ruby was a human girl he had killed when he was still bad.

Later there is an insurrection, and the inmates get back their demonic forces. But Ruby is not among them. Spike suspects she did not survive the experiments there.

Powers & Abilities

As is often the case with Sadecki demons, Ruby had strong, telepathic powers.

In addition, she was able to partly change her shape. Their spines grew out of their backs against their will at the first transformation. But it is suggested that she could then change between human and demonic form.