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"Wow, Sadecki Demon's got skills."
Charles Gunn[src]

Sadecki Demons were a species of human-like demons. Noelle, a minion of Non, the Demon Lord of Beverly Hills, was a Sadecki.

Physiology and powers

"Sadecki demons are mind-readers, influencers, capable of a little telekinesis here and there."

Sadecki Demons had the appearance of ordinary humans, save for their glowing, solid white eyes and the spines on their backs. Sadeckis were also psychic, capable of performing telepathy—the ability to read and influence minds (except those of vampires, who were immune to most telepaths)—as well as minor telekinesis.

Sadecki could also breed with humans. These hybrids were like regular humans until reaching eighteen years, when their psychic powers would manifest.


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