Sam Zabuto was a highly respected member of the Watchers Council and the Watcher of Kendra Young.


He took in Kendra for training at a very young age. Zambuto was very strict, and did not allow Kendra to attend school or have any pastimes except for studying demon lore. She was also not allowed to speak to boys. Zambuto heavily relied upon the Slayer Handbook.[1]
When Kendra was activated as a slayer, he sent her to Sunnydale to stop the rise of Drusilla, who at the time was going to be restored to health by Spike.[2]

He later sent Kendra to Sunnydale once more to help Buffy Summers stop the rise of a very dark power. Through a phone call, this power would later be revealed by Sam to Giles as Acathla.[3]

His fate after the death of Kendra was unknown.