Samantha "Sam" Finn was a former member of the Peace Corps and the wife of Riley Finn.


Sam was a member of the Peace Corps until she they arrived down to Central America where her entire infirmary got slaughtered by what seemed to be a demon. Having been rescued, Sam quit the Peace Corps. Sam then met Riley in South America. Together, they forged a strong duo of demon-hunting super-spies; soon they were happily married. Sam returned to Sunnydale with Riley while they were tracking demon eggs that were being traded by the mysterious 'Doctor'.

Later, the two attempted to settle down in Iowa for a quiet life. She did, however, have reservations about giving up the excitement of top-secret missions.

When Faith Lehane attempted to find her way by joining Kennedy's all-Slayer security group, she was tempted to leave as she felt that she didn't fit in with the organization. Faith reconsidered, however, when Kennedy gave her a special assignment—to track down Riley and Sam, currently missing and last seen in South America. In reality, captured by Walt Zane, Sam managing to escape and survive in the jungle. In a discussion with Faith, Sam says she knows Faith's tortuous past with her husband and Buffy.


Despite the fact that Riley used to date Buffy, the Scooby Gang seemed to readily accept Samantha, suggesting that she was a rather nice woman. She managed to make connections to each person:

  • She commended Willow Rosenberg on her ability to quit magic.
  • She helped Xander Harris and Anya Jenkins with their stressful wedding planning.
  • She believed Dawn Summers was mature enough to hear about demons.
  • Finally Buffy Summers herself admitted she liked Sam, after she told Buffy that she is "legendary," in both the eyes of the world and Riley.
  • She encouraged Faith Lehane to apologize Riley for his rape.

Behind the Scenes


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