Archduke Sebassis belonged to an unidentified demon species. These demons were extremely pale-skinned humanoids with
Sebassis and guards

Archduke Sebassis and his servants and bodyguards.

yellow eyes, pointed ears, long antelope-like horns and blueish blood. They were also blood-drinkers like vampires, although it was unclear if this was for sustenance or simply for pleasure.

The horns seemed to be a symbol of status among this species, as those of most of Sebassis's servants and bodyguards, save for Sebassis's aide Artode, had been cut. According to Charles Gunn, they enjoyed blood-sports and killings during social events. This species also seemed enjoy hunting members of other demon clans for their skins, including the Deathwok Clan – Artode possessed a suit-jacket made of Deathwok skin.

Known members


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