The gentlemen steal voices hush

The Gentlemen use their box to steal people's voices

Sense Manipulation was the power to manipulate the senses of other beings, nullifying those senses.



  • Catherine Madison cast a spell causing Cordelia Chase to become blind.[1]
  • Willow Rosenberg cast a spell to have her will done in an attempt to get over the pain of Oz's departure, but the exact wording she used caused anything she said to come true, though only when she did so inadvertently. With this ability, she accidentally rendered Rupert Giles blind.[2]
  • Tara Maclay cast a defensive spell which fended off The Monster by conjuring a magical "fog of protection" that disoriented his vision.[3]
  • Tara cast a spell on Willow, Giles, Xander Harris, Buffy Summers, and Dawn Summers to stop them from seeing her demon side, causing them to be unable to see any demons.[4]
  • The Magic Box had a statue which, when triggered, had the power to melt human eyeballs.[5]


  • Catherine cast a spell that muted Lishanne Davis by sealing her mouth completely.[1]
  • The Gentlemen would use a special box to 'steal' the voices of entire towns, rendering them inaudible so the Gentlemen would be allowed to remove the hearts of their victims without them yelling for help.[6]
  • When Willow and Tara argued at the Bronze, Willow chanted the word Se-cot, muting everyone and everything at the club. At the end of the argument, Tara un-muted them with the word Ta-cullum. Since the other patrons appeared unaffected by the spell, it was likely Willow only muted them to her and Tara's ears.[7]
  • While at the Bronze with Amy Madison, Willow made a man's mouth disappear.[8]


  • Willow mentioned a spell that made the user unable to smell anything, though it worked by removing their nose.[9]


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