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"We cannot give you knowledge. Only power."
―Shadow Man[src]
Shadow Men
Appeared in "Get It Done"
Classification Human
Affiliation The Slayer
Notable powers Skilled in magic and enchantments


The Shadow Men were a trio of powerful African shamans who created the first Slayer by empowering a girl named Sineya with the essence of a powerful shadow demon


When Buffy attempted to communicate with them through a mystical set of shadow casters, they tried to give the Slayer, Buffy Summers, more power at the cost of her humanity. However, Buffy rejected it. Before she was sent back, they gave her a vision of the Turok-Han vampire army, which led her to think that she may have made a mistake by rejecting the power they offered her.


The shadow men were directly responsible not just for the creation of the first slayer, but also the slayer line and the mysterious forces surrounding a slayer's activation. Additionally, their magic also created several potential slayers continuously up to several millena into the future until 2003, when Buffy and Willow would alter the rules the shadow men established by simultaneously activating all potential slayers.

Another important The descendants of these men, and subsequent apprentices, would form the Watchers Council.


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